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History of Dog Reproduction

Greyhound breeding techniques have changed dramatically over the last few decades. In the past it was believed that natural mating on the 14th day of the bitch’s cycle was the only way to attempt breeding, and that methodologies such as artificial insemination, utilising chilled or frozen semen, and ovulating timing could not yield expected results.

These days the process is much more scientific. The benefit of using frozen semen is the ability to plan the mating. Progesterone levels are tested and closely monitored identifying the optimum time to inseminate, and resulting in exceptional success rates.

Our highly qualified veterinarians and specialist nurses have many years of success with surgical implantation of frozen semen, and can advise on our semen storage and evaluation facilities.

Some of the recent history and developments in greyhound reproduction has been collated and makes interesting reading.

greyhound painting

Current Achievements in Dog Reproduction

Due to the availability of chilled and frozen semen and the continuous improvement in their processing, breeders have better access to the best stud dogs. Bitch owners have fewer travel costs.

In addition, semen is now available from other countries. Puppies can even be produced from 'classic bloodlines' of long deceased sires.

Further, greater breeding efficiency can be achieved in terms of conception rates and litter sizes with chilled and frozen semen.
Better stud master facilities are developing and veterinarians are gaining more knowledge of artificial insemination and surgical implants of frozen semen.