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Fertility Services for Dogs

Craigieburn Animal Hospital provides a series of professional services for the reproduction needs of your dogs. These include semen collection and examination, determination of correct time for mating or semen insemination, pregnancy monitoring and assistance in whelping.

Health of Bitches

Our veterinarians will firstly check your prospective bitches to ensure that they are fit for mating or semen insemination, pregnancy and mothering. Our veterinarians will also check the teeth of your prospective bitches to ensure no bad teeth that may affect their appetite during pregnancy and mothering. Blood tests and urine analysis are conducted to ensure their body systems are working normally. The vaccination and worming history will be reviewed to ensure the puppies are born with sufficient immunity against major infectious diseases and without worm infestation.

Semen Supply for Insemination

Semen may be collected from your elected prospective stud dogs or purchased from official sources. Our veterinarians will conduct thorough clinical examinations on the elected stud dogs before semen collection. They will give you advice on the best time to collect semen from dogs. After collection, our veterinarians examine the semen to ensure a high success rate of pregnancy. Semen collected may also be stored at Craigieburn Animal Hospital for future use.

Oestrous Tracking
When preparing for high success rates of pregnancy, our veterinarians conduct a series of blood tests on prospective bitches to trace the reproduction hormone levels in their body. Samples of tissue are collected from their reproductive tracts and examined under the microscope. Such tests and examinations ensure the semen selected is inseminated at the correct time.

Appointments with our veterinarians should be made as early as possible so that perfect oestrous tracking schedules can be calculated without missing any oestrous cycles.

Semen Insemination

Semen may be inseminated surgically or non-surgically, depending on preferences. Correct timing of insemination is vital to successful pregnancy. Our veterinarians advise the best time for semen insemination based on ongoing tests and examinations.

Body Check up of Bitches After Semen Insemination

Our veterinarians  follow up closely the health of bitches after semen insemination to ensure successful pregnancy and prepare for whelping. They give advice on issues such as natural whelping and caesarian operations.
Always follow advice given by veterinarians and do not hesitate to contact us under any circumstances.

Body Check up of Bitches and Puppies After Whelping

Our veterinarians check the body condition of bitches during lactation to ensure sufficient nutrition is provided to the newly born puppies. They also check the body condition of the puppies and advise on the appropriate time for vaccinations and worming to ensure their general wellness.