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Common Myths in Dog Reproduction

Bitches are either early or late ovulators.

Natural matings produce the best puppies.

Day 14 is the best day to mate.

Artificial insemination does not produce as many puppies as natural mating.

The stud dog always knows the best date to mate.

Breeding should occur when colour changes from red to straw colour.

When the bitch might be ready one should wait two days to mate.

A bitch can only have pups from one sire in one heat season.

Natural matings have higher conception rates and larger litter sizes.

Counting days is the best way to breed.

Vaginal cytology is the method of determining the date to mate.

Day 1 of the season is the first day you see blood from the bitch.

All dogs produce the same quality of sperm in each ejaculate.

Quality and quantity of sperm are the same.